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Welcome to TeamCO's site.

 If you have been just getting by, by using the strengths and weaknesses of a single supplier, you've come to the right place for a better solution! 

TeamCO specializes in building and coordinating "teams" of suppliers to service your geospatial needs. Let TeamCO put together the strengths of several suppliers to provide you the "best" products and services.


TeamCO is focused on project management for geospatial applications.

 The geospatial industry is moving at an exceedingly rapid pace. New companies start, some merge, and some vanish. Itís impossible to keep current, and know which companies you can rely on for quality products and services.

 Let TeamCO handle this problem for you. Itís our job to know who delivers and who does not; which products meet spec, and which do not. The stakes are high, and the risks are real. Select the wrong suppliers and your project can fail.

 Our suppliers and allies have strengths and weaknesses. TeamCO puts together the strengths of each to form a reliable TEAM of companies for your project that will greatly improve your chances of a successful project delivered to your technical specifications on schedule.


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